Summer Safety Tips for Seniors

wyndemere residents following summer safety tips for seniors y wearing hats while playing bocce ball in the sun

Who’s ready for summer? We can’t wait to break out the summertime activity calendars and highlight the outdoor opportunities and events awaiting residents at Wyndemere.

Before we start having too much fun in the sun, we want to remind seniors just how vital it is to protect your body from the heat. Our community is all about living life to the fullest, and without the proper safety measures, an independent living lifestyle can quickly turn into a not-so-fun need for medical treatment and care.

Take advantage of the summer months the best way you know how, but only after you’ve followed our summer safety tips for seniors below.

Five summer safety tips for seniors

1. Protect yourself from the sun.

Catching some UV rays may feel nice in the moment, but in the long term can cause severe damage to your skin and overall health (Cleveland Clinic). The best way to protect yourself from the sun is to stay indoors, of course, but we don’t blame you for wanting to soak in some vitamin D. 

When you are outside in high temperatures, make sure you are protecting your skin and eyes the right way with a high-SPF sunscreen (aim for higher than SPF15); light-colored, loose-fitting clothing; sunglasses; or a sun hat.

2. Stay hydrated.

Those who love the summer months understand how important it is to drink plenty of water or sports drinks with electrolytes. The more you spend time in the heat, the higher the risk of developing heat exhaustion and dehydration.

And while a refreshing cocktail or iced coffee sounds like they could quench your thirst and keep you hydrated, alcohol and caffeine actually induce dehydration. For older adults looking to spice up the plain water routine, you can also munch on water-rich fruits and vegetables, such as watermelon, cucumbers and pineapple.

3. Review your medications.

Did you know that some medications increase your sensitivity to UV rays? For seniors who take medication on a regular basis, check in with your doctor, family members, and other caregivers about how to consume your medications and still stay safe  outdoors. Certain medications also come with dehydrating side effects. Be sure to understand all risk factors, and find extra ways to prepare yourself for the heat.

4. Understand the signs of heat stroke and other heat-related illnesses.

You want the sun to be your friend, not your enemy. But sometimes, too much of a good thing can lead to a negative result. If you or a loved one is starting to experience any of the following symptoms while outside in the heat or after, call for immediate help:

  • Disorientation/confusion/dizziness
  • Dry skin
  • Extreme exhaustion
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Fever
  • Skin irritations or redness
  • Rapid pulse

Don’t let one misstep derail your entire summer. By staying hydrated, reviewing your medications, wearing the proper protection, and understanding when it’s time to call it a day, you can avoid developing one of these serious heat-related issues.

5. Kick back and relax.

Sunshine often comes with a sense of happiness and revival, especially in the suburbs of Chicago after the wild winter season. As much as we encourage seniors to get outside, we also recommend taking it easy with outdoor activities and staying cool in air-conditioned spaces when you feel like the sun is beating down a little too much for your own good. Fortunately, at our community, there are plenty of spaces both indoors and outdoors for residents to relax.

wyndemere indoor pool allows seniors to stay out of the sun while still enjoying a splash

Wyndemere helps seniors in the summer and all year round.

See how Wyndemere does summer when you visit us for a tour. With a beautiful garden bed, a patio with a pond view, and our bar with a patio deck, there are so many wonderful things to enjoy about our lifestyle all summer long and beyond. Give us a call today to schedule a tour.