Senior Living Dining Trends in 2023

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Forget what you think you know about the food served in senior living communities. Today, healthy senior living dining options are of the utmost importance, not only to current and potential residents but also to families and communities as well.

Many of us are all too familiar with the likes of hospital food. But in communities that are adapting to the latest trends in senior living, residents can rely on modern, nutritious meals that are fulfilling and taste delicious, met with a five-star restaurant experience.

Wyndemere understands that dining is an important part of life and something that factors heavily into choosing a senior living community. Our lifestyle is all about providing senior living residents with choices – from the residence they live in to what they consume. That’s why we’re implementing the following trends into our dining experience.

Five senior living dining trends in 2023

1. Farm-to-table

Nothing tastes quite as refreshing as seasonal produce. It’s our culinary team’s goal to select fruits and vegetables fit for the season and grown by local farmers in order to reduce the carbon footprint and support Wheaton-area businesses. When menu items are in season, they are of higher quality and add an extra touch of comfort to each dish.

2. Heart-healthy foods

Eating healthy is one of the key factors to aging well. We create custom dishes to meet dietary restrictions for optimum heart health, blood sugar levels, and beyond. Menu options may include gluten-free selections along with diverse choices in healthy foods, some of which include leafy green vegetables, whole grains, berries, avocados, fish, beans, and other incredibly heart-healthy foods.

3. Experiential dining

Why should dining have to be a sit-down meal at a table? At Wyndemere, the dining experience doesn’t always look so traditional. We host interactive food events and even grab-and-go options for the active senior who’s seeking their next activity to participate in. Grabbing a quick meal is sometimes the best option, especially when there’s so much to do and see. 

4. Chef-curated meals

Our executive chef, along with our entire culinary team, works to craft something special for all the menus you’ll find on campus. Every opportunity to eat can feel like restaurant-style dining, with five-star service, customizations, flavor, and nutrition at the forefront.

5. Outdoor dining and different dining venues

When the weather allows for it, dining al fresco can bring an added sense of joy to the experience. Residents at Wyndemere can enjoy refreshing drinks and treats with a side of sunshine. It’s also important to us that residents have the option to find food in a variety of dining areas – from communal and private dining rooms to our convenience store. Check out the details about our Benson Dining Room, Bistro, and The Wright Place.

senior living dining trends at wyndemere

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