Expert Advice: 19 Great Things To Do in Retirement

Expert Advice: 19 Great Things To Do in Retirement

How do you picture spending your retirement years? Many older adults can’t wait for the downtime, while many are excited about getting more physically active. 

One thing we know for sure is that residents at Wyndemere take pleasure in doing both because they have the choice! Our lifestyle is one where neighbors become friends and family, and free time is lived to its fullest. With countless opportunities to meet new people, learn something new, hone skills and experiences, and explore wellness activities, you canyou’ll retire exactly the way you’ve always wanted.

In need of retirement inspiration? Let’s dive into a list of ideas to best spend your retirement.

19 things to do in retirement

Retirement can be an exciting phase of life, offering ample opportunities to explore new interests, enjoy hobbies, travel, and engage in various fulfilling activities. Here are 19 great things to consider doing in retirement:

1. Travel

Explore new places, countries, or even your local community. Take that trip that you’ve always had on your bucket list. In Wheaton, there are tons of area attractions to visit, too!

2. Learn something new

Enroll in classes or workshops to learn a new language, skill, or hobby, such as painting, dancing, or cooking.

3. Volunteer

Give back to the community and find a renewed sense of purpose within yourself by volunteering at local charities, schools, or nonprofit organizations. Volunteering is also a great way to make new social connections.

4. Physical Fitness

Prioritize your health by exercising regularly, whether walking, yoga, swimming, or joining fitness classes. At Wyndemere, we have an indoor heated pool and fitness center with holistic programming based on the 8 Dimensions of Wellness philosophy.

Wyndemere Senior Living Swimming Pool

5. Garden

Cultivate a garden and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of growing your own plants, flowers, or vegetables. At Wyndemere, we have raised garden beds for residents to show off their green thumbs!

6. Read with a book club

If books are your comfort zone, dive into that list of books you’ve always wanted to read and consider joining a book club for discussions and social interaction.

7. Arts and crafts

Explore your creativity through arts and crafts such as pottery, knitting, woodworking, or drawing. We have a creative arts studio and a dedicated woodworking shop at Wyndemere. 

8. Explore your love of music

Have you always wanted to learn to play an instrument? Try your hand at guitar, piano, or something even funkier. You can also join a choir, acapella group, or barbershop quartet! And we don’t need to tell you that living near Chicago comes with its incredible selection of concerts and musical performances.

9. Write

Start a blog, write a book, or simply journal your experiences and thoughts. Writing is a great way to relax and show off your creative side.

10. Go on a culinary adventure.

Experiment with new recipes and cooking styles, or attend cooking classes to refine your skills. The dining experience at Wyndemere is a whole adventure unto itself. With a variety of dining venues and seasonal menus, palates are always satisfied.

11. Go on a hike or nature walk

Explore the beauty of nature by taking walks, hikes, or birdwatching in local parks or nature reserves.

12. Capture photos

Capture every moment around you by taking up photography as a hobby. Every individual has a unique perspective on life, and yours is worth discovering!

13. Take part in brain games

Keep your mind sharp with puzzles, crosswords, Sudoku, or other brain-teasing games.

Seniors playing dominos

14. Attend cultural events

Attend theater shows, concerts, museums, and art galleries. Again, there’s no shortage of these opportunities at Wyndemere or the surrounding community. 

15. Join social clubs and groups

Join clubs or social groups catering to your interests, such as a wine-tasting club, chess club, or hiking group. These are opportunities for you to make long-term friends and treasured memories.

16. Mentor

Along the same lines as volunteering, you can also share your academic expertise by mentoring or tutoring young individuals in the community.

17. Find a part-time job

Small businesses or large retailers always seek help, especially around the holidays. If you’re finding it challenging to transition from a full-time working mindset, ease back into the workforce with a part-time role. 

18. Undergo home improvement projects

Tackling home improvement projects or renovations you’ve been putting off can be incredibly rewarding. Whether building a piece of furniture by hand or simply repairing something to check it off your list, you’ll feel a true sense of accomplishment once you complete the task at hand.

19. Relax

Take time to unwind and enjoy relaxing activities such as meditation, yoga, or simply spending quality time with loved ones.

Retirement offers the freedom and time to pursue activities that bring joy, learning, and fulfillment. Exploring a mix of interests and hobbies can make this stage of life vibrant and rewarding, especially at Wyndemere.

Retiring in Wheaton, Illinois, is easy at Wyndemere.

Residents of our senior living community have endless options for fun and engaging things to do in retirement. Don’t take our word for it –call us today to schedule a visit!