Benefits of Short-Term Rehab for Seniors

Senior woman doing physical rehabilitation with therapist

Sometimes you need a little extra assistance or recovery time after a hospital stay, illness, or injury before you can truly return to the comforts of home. Short-term rehabilitation for seniors provides a clear path on your journey to healing and can help you get back to your usual routine as quickly as possible.

Read these 7 benefits of senior rehabilitation and see why a short-term rehab center should be your first stop on the road to recovery. 

1. Restored Self-Confidence

Short-term rehabilitation for seniors isn’t just about healing your body; it’s also about healing your emotional well-being. When you’re not feeling like yourself or struggling to perform daily tasks, you might face feelings of depression or anxiety.

The caregivers in senior rehabilitation provide positive emotional support along with a personalized care plan. They’re trained to help you see beyond your stay in rehabilitation, so you can maintain an independent lifestyle, regain skills to perform daily tasks, and return to your hobbies with confidence. 

2. Services Catered to Your Needs

Short-term rehab centers in senior living communities like Wynscape Health & Rehabilitation at Wyndemere are designed to cater to specific needs, so you can stay on the best path to recovery and return home as soon as possible. 

On-site rehabilitation services include occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy. You’ll also receive compassionate assistance with activities of daily living like dressing, bathing, using the restroom, eating and mobility until you recover. 

3. Improved Strength and Balance

Senior rehabilitation reduces the risk of another injury happening, especially falls. That’s because many occupational and physical therapists are trained in providing care for older adults that teach techniques to improve your strength and balance.

Tasks like being able to walk and even getting dressed require a combination of balance and strength, which means improving them could be the difference between being able to live more independently and needing more daily assistance. 

4. Opportunity to Enjoy Senior Living

A brief stay at a senior rehabilitation center is the perfect chance to experience life in a senior living community without the pressure of an immediate decision. Not only will you get hands-on experience with all the incredible amenities and services, but you’ll also get the opportunity to make new friends. 

Even though people are there to recover from  surgery, illness or an injury, many also  see their stay in short-term rehab as a small retreat, where they can focus on their healing with some meaningful moments along the way.

5. Person-Centered Care

Short-term rehabilitation for seniors provides at-home physical therapy techniques to improve your self-care abilities, so you can effectively manage your daily life with as little help as possible. From ways to manage your medication to gentle exercises that improve your balance, the goal of short-term rehab is to help you maintain an independent lifestyle.

After you establish goals with your care team, you’ll work together on a specific treatment plan to help improve your ability to perform daily activities, so you can return to your usual routine. Plus, you’ll always have the support of your caregivers to keep you motivated, stay positive and stick to your personalized care plan. 

6. Support for Family Caregivers

Your family loves you and wants to help you recover, but they most likely aren’t professional caregivers. They may worry they’re not providing you enough or the right kind of care. Short-term rehabilitation for seniors can eliminate some anxiety that comes with caring for a family member.

In fact, the care team at a short-term rehab center can help your family learn new ways to assist your recovery, while also providing a personalized and supportive environment for you to stay connected.

7. Cost and Coverage

Many seniors are unaware Medicare Part A will cover a total of 100 days of care in a short-term rehab center, provided you meet certain criteria. Keep in mind that after day 21, a daily coinsurance payment is required. 

While Medicare covers both in-home health care and care at a short-term rehab center, coverage is much more limited for home health care. For instance, though it will pay for prescription drugs for seniors at a rehab center, it won’t cover prescriptions for individuals who receive care at home, and it won’t pay for meals to be delivered to your home, but it will cover meals at a short-term rehab center.

Find the Road to Recovery at Wynscape Health & Rehabilitation at Wyndemere

Wynscape is accredited by and meets the high standards of the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, an accreditation only awarded to organizations that have demonstrated the highest levels of care and attention to individuals served. To learn more about our short-term rehabilitation for seniors, contact our team online and we’ll be happy to answer your questions or schedule a tour!