As Seen In the “Chicago Tribune” New Medical Member at Wynscape Health and Rehabilitation of Wyndemere

Dr. Ramachandran Joins Wynscape | Wyndemere

Wynscape Health and Rehabilitation of Wyndemere is pleased to announce that Dr. Mahesh Ramachandran (Dr. Ram) has joined its medical team. Dr. Ram, who became board certified in internal medicine in 1999 and physiatry in 2002, is at the rehabilitation center every weekday and is a valuable addition to the already prestigious medical team. Dr. Ram is joining Wynscape’s medical director Dr. Douglas Ambler and Wynscape’s doctorate level nurse practitioner Melanie Krumwiede.

Dr. Mahesh Ramachandran headshotComprehensive on-site medical care at this high level is unusual in the industry. “Typically, rehabilitation facilities have a physiatrist rounding once a week. Dr. Ram is here five days a week to address rehab needs and medical issues. This gives
us the opportunity to provide real-time symptom management. We’re able to catch issues early, and that helps improve outcomes and decrease the hospital readmission rate,” said Krumwiede. “We have eyes on our patients all the time. We’re not just part of the picture; we’re right there, hands on.”

Dr. Ram explained that as a physiatrist, his objective is to “optimize the patient’s functional status, in addition to providing continued medical stabilization after hospitalization. It’s important for the patient’s well-being and ability to go home, stay at home safely, and decrease the risk of being readmitted to the hospital. Our goal is to get the patient to the highest possible level of functionality.”

Dr. Ram said that his presence at Wynscape helps to ensure immediacy and continuity of care. “We know our patients well. We have a global picture of the patients and their functional needs and medical issues. With that global picture, we can tailor or adapt treatment and therapy to the individual patient. This global aspect of care in this type of setting is rare and unique. It ensures that there are no disconnects.” Krumwiede added, “We are part of an interdisciplinary team including therapy, case management,
and social services. We meet often to discuss every patient’s progress, and any possible barriers to
discharge to home.”

Krumwiede said that in the few weeks since Dr. Ram joined Wynscape, he has established a great rapport with patients. “He is very nice and easy-going and is always willing to help in any way he can. When he sees patients, he doesn’t just ask how they’re feeling. He asks about their lives, their medical history, and what their home is like. He works collaboratively with them, setting and then helping them to achieve their goals.”

In addition to being on staff at Wynscape, Dr. Ram sees patients at Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital and Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital, a part of Northwestern Medicine. Wynscape is a preferred provider for both. Dr. Ram is the medical of stroke rehabilitation at Marianjoy and is part of a post-acute network at Northwestern Medicine that helps set policies for post-acute rehab.


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