7 Ways To Decorate a Townhome (and Maximize Your Space!)

couple outside of their townhouse

When you’re moving into a townhome, you want to make the most of your space so it fits your lifestyle and reflects your personality. As you’re looking for tips on townhome fashion and function, you may not know quite where to start. 

“Moving into a townhome is an exciting change for many residents,” said Greg Lechtenberg, Marketing and Sales Director at Wyndemere, a senior living community in Wheaton, IL. “They get a brand-new space to decorate and express their unique sense of style. When doing this, having a strategy will help you maximize the space.”

Tips for Decorating Your Townhome

1. Create an Entryway

Having a defined entryway sets the tone for your space and welcomes you to your space. A bench, a small table, and a runner can form a beautiful entryway. Placing decorations on your table like a small stack of books and a battery-operated candle will make you feel cozy as soon as you walk through the door.  

2. Use Furniture With Storage

A piece of furniture can have more than one purpose, giving you more opportunities to use your space creatively. Look for dual-purpose furniture to give you function and extra storage. This reduces the need to have extra furniture that’s solely for storage, which will make your space feel more open.

Coffee tables that have extra compartments for storage, using a dresser as a TV stand, and ottomans that have space inside are all examples that can help you get the most use out of your space.  

Decorated Living Space

3. Opt for Round Tables 

Having a round table can save you a lot of space in your kitchen area. Not only can they provide more leg room, but you’ll also have an easier time walking around the table. 

You may even prefer using a round table because any time you have company over for a meal, it’s easier to speak with everyone. 

4. Get a Daybed 

If you have an extra bedroom or want to save space in your own room, a daybed is an elegant solution. Operating as a couch or sitting option during the day and your bed at night, a daybed will provide more space in your room.

5. Add Mirrors

Mirrors help make any space feel larger. Adding mirrors in your space can also add a stylish touch that will make you love your townhome even more.


fully decorated bedroom

6. Decorate the Walls

When decorating a townhome, think of decorating the walls and not the floor. When you add decorations to your walls, they draw your sightline up and can make each room feel larger.

Consider creating a gallery wall that’s a visual representation of your artistic taste. Not only will this make your townhome feel more personal, it’s also a great conversation starter. 

7. Use Statement Pieces As Focal Points

As you decorate each room, think about designing the room around one focal point. Where do you want your eyes to go when you enter a room? This could be as simple as a stunning couch in a living room, an interesting painting, or an ornate standing lamp.

You can complement the focal points with decorations that have accent colors or neutral colors to make those focal pieces really stand out.   

Rightsize Your Life at Wyndemere

Wyndemere townhomes are beautiful, private residences where you have everything you need on one floor. With gorgeous cathedral ceilings, modern appliances and finishes, a deck area and a backyard, you’ll love everything your townhome has to offer. Other perks include: 

  • Laundry appliances on main floor
  • A basement area for extra storage
  • An attached two-car garage
  • An individual backup generator for each home

The townhomes are conveniently located near all the amenities at Wyndemere and are also close to charming downtown Wheaton.

When you’re thinking of downsizing for retirement, a townhome can be a great next step. Contact us to learn more about the residences offered at Wyndemere.