What It’s Like to Be on the Inside at Wynscape Health & Rehab in Wheaton, IL during COVID-19.

My name is Ruth and I have lived at Wynscape Health & Rehab in Wheaton for over a year. I was familiar with nursing homes before I came to live here. I used to visit my father, church members, neighbors and friends so I know what nursing homes are about.  I am in a wheelchair and need full care now. I am paralyzed on my right side and I need a lot of help.  I didn’t choose to be here especially during a pandemic.

The other night I watched you all. I wanted my story to be heard.

Ruth McCallum Schow, a Wynscape resident

During these past five months, we have not been allowed to see our families or friends in Wynscape because of the virus. It has been very difficult.  You see on TV or read the paper and nursing homes have been given bad reputations but you don’t often hear praises for the good ones. Today I want to give you my opinion on a good one.

I cannot express enough thanks for the people who work at Wynscape. I wake up to a good greeting every morning and beautiful weather but I cannot move. I rely on nurses, nurse’s aides, therapists, social workers and other staff who have all made it pleasant for me. The staff make it easy for me to enjoy therapy without making it a chore. The little touches. Smiles by staff coming down the hall. The food is excellent. It is more than I ever could ask for.

There is a Beverage Cart that plays music and serves us drinks. It is so welcoming. We dance, smile and laugh. It brings so many smiles to our faces. It brings us comfort to know that we are all working together.

Last week, there was a tornado warning in Wheaton on top of the virus. The staff was so efficient in getting all the residents into hallway. They acted swiftly and smooth so there was no excitement or fear. Everyone works together here.

There is so much negativity going on in our world right now. We are in the middle of a pandemic, high rate of unemployment, a plummeting economy and Presidential election. We need to be more loving. We need to be grateful, not hateful. We need take more walks and look at the skies and trees. Nature has a way of bringing us closer. We need to thank God for everything.

I cannot express enough the thanks for the people who work here. I go to sleep with prayers and thoughts of how grateful I am. I want to thank the establishment and everyone who works here. You give us hope. The staff at Wynscape makes life enjoyable for us and they keep us safe. I am writing this today to show my appreciation for the staff for working so hard.


Ruth McCallum Schow

93 years old